Wendy Fisher's Music

Choral Compositions and Arrangements


Vocalise <–PDF

Vocalise <–Listen and look


I wrote Vocalise primarily with the alto solo in mind. Check out the smooth layers of the chord progression and the weird non-words. Feel free to perform Vocalise, print it, or download it I would be thrilled if you did.


In the Night There Shines a Star

In the Night There Shines a Star (View and print)

In the Night There Shines a Star (View and listen)


In the Night There Shines a Star is a chant I wrote for the Christmas season. It is for SATB and features organum style harmonies. Feel free to print it, sing it, and perform it–and I’d love to hear about it if you do.

Lingering, Long Night

Lingering, Long Night <–View and listen

Lingering, Long Night  <– View and print


Lingering, Long Night is a choral chant I wrote in honor of the winter solstice. It uses the organum technique for the harmonies, which makes it sound all chanty and mysterious.  Feel free to print it, download it, and perform it.  I’d be honored.

Ooh! Look! Buy my book!

If you’ve enjoyed my sheet music so far,  buy my book! Sea Horses is a compilation of my solo piano arrangements. It has a bunch of hymns and one or two of my original pieces. You don’t have to buy my music in order to print it, play it, or perform it–but buying the collection means that you get them in alphabetical order and spiral bound. Oooooh, spiral bound. Plus, you’ll be supporting my career as a composer and adding a book to your collection that you can toss in your briefcase and take with you to a church service in case you need a sudden unexpected prelude, offertory, gift of music, or postlude. 😉

Be Thou My Vision
Canon/Simple Gifts
Earth Was Given As a Garden
Fierce Unrest, A
For the Beauty of the Earth
Lone Wild Bird, The
Mud Puddles
Sea Horses
What Wondrous Love

Mud Puddles

Mud Puddles (view and print)

Mud Puddles (see and hear)


Mud Puddles is a little piano solo. You have my permission to download it, print it, and perform it. Enjoy!

May You

May You <–View and hear

May You <– View and print


I wrote May You as an interdenominational benediction meant for many voices-trained or untrained-to sing together.

A Time for Singing

A Time for Singing (view and hear)

A Time for Singing (view and print)


I wrote A Time for Singing to be accessible to as many different people and levels of musicianship as possible. Untrained singers can learn it quickly and sing it with gusto. Trained singers can launch into harmony parts. Non-singers can clap. I love this piece, and I want to spread it all around. You have my permission to download it, print it, share it, and perform it–I’d be happy if you would.

The Lone Wild Bird

The Lone Wild Bird (view and hear)

The Lone Wild Bird (view and print

The Lone Wild Bird is a hymn that I discovered in Singing the Living Tradition. It happens to be one of my favorite hymns to sing a cappella; it’s so lyrical and swooping! This is my piano arrangement of it. I would be thrilled if you downloaded it, printed it, and performed it.


Recording: We Gather Today

We Gather Today

Since We Gather Today is meant to be sung at camp, or in a chapel, or at a workshop, or some other space where there may or may not be musical instruments available to accompany the singers, I wanted to show you what it sounds like when it’s sung into empty air.  Here’s a rough recording, made while my baby sleeps across the room.  Feel free to share it around as you would like.