Hello! I’m a composer and Unitarian Universalist in Livermore, CA. Please feel free to download my music, to share it, and to perform it.  I will be posting new works regularly; come back often and enjoy!

I am totally on Facebook.


What’s that you say? You’d like to know more about me?  I’m a new mom. Baby Sam was born on Valentine’s Day of 2012, and he is the most preciousest of the shnooky-ookums.  I’m a piano teacher and voice teacher and a choir accompanist and a really really really hardcore Unitarian Universalist. 

I’m married to a neat guy. My favorite meal is a plate of spaghetti topped with a grilled cheese sandwich. My favorite blog is Miss Minimalist.   The most useful website in the world is Flylady.

My native habitat is at the piano. My hobbies include dredging the Internet for the really good stuff and cooking as well as I can (Mark Bittman’s cookbooks are good for this).  I believe in the open source and creative commons movements. Let’s share the good stuff around.