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We Gather Today

We Gather Today

We Gather Today


We Gather Today is a song I wrote for groups who are gathering together in an intentionally safe or sacred space. It’s free to download, print, copy, and perform. Enjoy!


Recording: Spirit Settle in Me

Spirit Settle in Me

Spirit Settle in Me

Spirit Settle in Me <– View and print PDF

Spirit Settle in Me<– View and listen to score


Spirit Settle in Me is an upbeat tune for SS/AA. You have my permission to download it, print it, and permission–but I hope that you’ll let me know if you do. =)


Inspirational Warm Ups


Inspirational WarmUps  <–View PDF

Inspirational WarmUps <—View the score


He Will Not Fail to Love Them

He Will Not Fail to Love Them  <–View and print PDF

He Will Not Fail to Love Them <– Listen and view score


This is an original piece for unison chorus.  Feel free to download, print, and perform it as you will–but I’d love to know about it if you do.




Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision  <— View the PDF

Be Thou My Vision <— View and listen

Be Thou My Vision is a hymn that I first learned as Wake Now My Senses in Singing the Living Tradition. This is the first hymn that I arranged for piano, and started my project of making piano arrangements of the hymns that I often play in church. I enjoy playing a solo piano version of a hymn that the congregation will sing during the service because I feel it lends continuity to the service as a whole, a little bit of craft and thoughtfulness.  I am under the impression that Be Thou My Vision is not under copyright, and with that understanding, I give you permission to download, print, and perform my arrangement of it.


Sea Horses

Sea Horses  <–View PDF

Sea Horses <– Listen and view


Sea Horses is a piano piece that I wrote as a prelude for church.  You have my permission to download it, print it, and perform it.






For Grace

For Grace <– See and print the PDF

For Grace <–View the live score

For Grace <– Listen to a recording

For Grace is something a little bit different. It’s more of a singing meditation than a song, meant to flow. The instruments and vocalists add layers as they come to them, and the song evolves slowly, slowly, without a traditional or structured format.  I wrote this with religious services in mind, but I am sure there are other places where this song would be appropriate. Also! Today! I am trying out the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation, and have put together a quick recording of this piece so that you can hear what it sounds like… kind of.  I’m still learning the software and hashing together my setup, so forgive the roughness–I’ll get better, smarter, faster, and stronger soon.



A Fierce Unrest


A Fierce Unrest <–View and print

A Fierce Unrest <–View and listen


This is my piano arrangement of A Fierce Unrest, a hymn that I found in Singing the Living Tradition.  The words come from Don Marquis, and they are spectacular.  As always, it is my belief that this hymn is not under copywrite, and with that understanding I give your permission to download, print, copy, and perform this piece as you will.